• I just checked on some other info sites and it had mixed reviews. Weather seems to be an issue for the last several years. I also noticed they state NO Ez-Ups. I have a heavy duty EZ-Up frame that looks like a KD and a second source canopy that is heavy duty vinyl. There are no markings anywhere that say EZ-Up on the frame or obviously the top. I wonder if I could sleaze that one by ;-)

    • Robert, what other sites did you check?  I did notice the "No ez-ups".  Thanks for replying.

      • I subscribe to the Art Fair Source Book. They had mixed reviews on it. I'm going to apply anyway. Check the search feature on here for a few comments.

        • I checked here and I tried a few other searches, but, couldn't find much.  I've been thinking about subscribing to the Art Fair Source Book!  Guess I should do it!  I think the deadline was yesterday, but, if you decide to do it, please let me know how it goes.  Thanks!


    Booth fee seems a bit stiff for a show with so little info available. ($350, $35 jury). I’m about 2-3 hours away, and now and then have considered it, but have yet to talk to someone I know who has done it.

    • Thanks Linnea.  I have mixed feelings about it, but the deadline is past now, so, maybe there will be more info available next year.

      • The deadline according to the website is today, so there's still time to get the app in.

  • I would recommend this show if you have low expenses. it was very friendly and down home feeling. I did this show last year for the 1st time. It is only an hour from my house. It was rained out the 2nd day and tents blew down. They do a Fri evening party for patrons to do meet the artists. We were pretty much wallpaper for their social hour but it did get me some sales the next day. It is an optional event but I do think there was a buzz about my work as a result of doing it so I would recommend it. They have a nice purchase award which means that patrons promise to spend $300 or more before at some artist's booth and then the artist receives a ribbon for each patron that does this. Overall. average sales for a one day total. Curious to see what a two day total will be.

    • Thanks so much, Lisa for replying!  I would have to do a hotel 2 nights, I live in St. Louis.  Would it be worth it?

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