Shipping 2D Work Overseas?

I need to ship a pastel piece to Israel. I use specially designed and lined shipment cartons to send framed work, under glass, to clients domestically. Never had a problem with damage or broken glass using one of these cartons. But the long haul and expense to Israel is a whole different ballgame. If you have experience in shipping overseas, would you recommend that I ship it unframed, without the glass? My client really liked the frame with the piece, so I could send that separately. And I normally use FedEx. But I don't think they'll be able to insure the work for its full retail value. Is there a different carrier that I could use? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Sarah

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  • I should mention that Tru Vue Optium Acrylic comes in 4x8 feet sheets and should cost less than $1,000. The reason I'm stating this now is because I just called some distributor for this product in Midvale, Utah and the person answering the phone warned me that they will order it and send it to me, but that it costs about $2,500 per sheet. I know my regular supplier will do the same for me, I was just calling to shop around a bit. My supplier is a true wholesale biz, so you'd have to qualify to be a reseller through them. Their price is still lower than $1,000. for the full sheet.

    Prices on all this type of special glazing has skyrocketed in the last five years. In fact, TruVue used to offer Optium Acrylic in a "non museum" type for less money. Now it's all designated "museum", so it's 99% UV filtering instead of just the normal for all plexi products which is 93%. I say who needs the extra 6% for a much higher price?

  • You might want to investigate using Optium Acrylic for your pastels. It is expensive, but it is a revolution. This type of plexi is static-free, has a reflection control that is completely clear, and it's abrasion/scratch resistant. And you probably already know that plexi is half the weight of glass. So you'll save on shipping.

    If your package fits the size requirements, you might investigate US Postal Service options for Global Priority Mail.

    You are right, FedEx will not insure art for more than $500. Did you ever hear about the one hundred thousand dollars worth of Don Maitz illustration artwork FedEx lost? DON MAITZ STORY


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