Good day to all of you!

4 years ago I decided to 'get back into' my art, watercolors, and with floral themes. Over a course of time I accumilated enough art to pursue getting into Shows. A few 'festivals', which were not juried in order to participate and  2 other Shows, which I had to submit samples of my art and got invited (always a ego booster!) 

The majority of my pieces are matted only, while I have about 15 or so pieces that are framed. I get my frames done at a wholesale art shop and they are very reasonable. The show I did this past weekend, as well as the one I did in April (both juried) I sold only 1 framed piece. The more recent show I sold numerous matted only, in fact, this was the majority of sales, I sold only 1 framed piece, in fact, the person who bought it initialy wanted it withOUT the frame, I told her no, I could not do that and she ended up buying it anyway. 

My question and thoughts, for all of you, is this: my art is very reasonable in price, as compared to other artists (at the Shows I participated in) and I just wish I could sell more FRAMED pieces. After this most recent Show, I comptiplated a few matted pieces that I want to get frames for, and then, I thought to myself, "why? it won't sell anytime soon..." 

I am considering too, that I should pursue ONLINE selling, currently I have no website and am absolutley CLUELESS on how to go about this, what works best, etc (Etsy?Anything else?)  I am considering joining a local watercolor society, maybe that may be a source of information. 

Finally, and just FYI, I am 67, recently Retired and so I don't see this as a Career Opportunity, but I enjoy it, I just want to make a little money, get my costs covered and just a little more. 

Thanks for reading this and hope everyone is doing well!


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  • I participate in Comic Con International Art Show (San Diego)-- also am volunteer staff. Most 2-D sales there are matted only (both originals and prints), except for some special "no print possible" originals (paintings on stone slabs or feathers, then mounted, matted and custom framed). Even when the cost framed isn't even what it would cost extra to buy a frame, the matted only sells better. Why? Because 1) many buyers are from out of town/fly in & out for the convention; matted only fits better in their luggage. 2) some people "rotate" their art, using the same frames-- they don't have the wall space for all of it, don't want to get rid of the "old" pieces, but want to enjoy "new" art; often they also have rather expensive frames that "go with" their decor, and which they prefer to a "reasonably priced" frame the artist supplies. 3) they just don't like the artist's taste in frames, and prefer to choose their own.

    Unless you are making custom frames to specifically match your art-- why do you bemoan selling matted only? 

  • Hello Cathy, I just moved to Florida from France and started exhibitions and online marketing.  My husband build my website and he is helpfing few others.  He can help setup your website using portal.  We have many complements on my website which is also integrated with social media.  If you are interested then please email me and he can disucss this with you.  Very best, Anne-Lise

    • Hello Anne and THANK YOU for your reply! I just went on your website and your art is absolutely exqusite!!  Yes, I may send you a email and investigate this further. I know that the avenues by which to set up a website is STAGGERING. SO MANY companies out there and like I said in my post, I have zero knowledge in any of this, it is all new to me. I just know, that after this weekend, and the successful show I had I would love to pursue other ways that I can sell my work. When I retired I told myself I wanted to do 2 shows a year, and that's when it occurred to me, what about the rest of the year, and my art is just sitting in my studio? Again, thank YOU and I'll be in touch in the next few days. CATHY

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