I have a bigger vehicle now so I'm able to get taller panels.  So I'm looking to sell my gently used ones.  They are all in great condition!  I'm very careful with my panels.  They are all 38.5 wide and DARK GRAY color. 

~ 10 dark gray propanels.  Size 6' tall x 38.5 wide.  Each with telescoping legs so it can be raised to 7' tall!  Value = $1500

~ 10 extender panels.  20" tall x 38.5 wide.  Basically if you use these in conjunction with the 6' panels and the telescoping legs, you can make your panels almost 9' tall.  Can be adjusted to lesser heights with the telescoping legs.  Value = $550

~15 panel skirts.  12" tall x 38.5 wide.  If you use the telescoping legs and dont want to see space below (I like my panels to be full length), you just add this velcro carpet to the bottom and problem solved.  There's extra so if you have a corner, you can cover all sides.  Value = $150

~6 light bars.  Equals two sets.  Value = $150

~ 3 Lighting Track bars with connectors and cords.  Value = $90

*Plus a carrying bag for all the bars (see pics)*

~ 8 LED Bulbs + fixtures to use with track bars.  Value = $280

Total Value is $2720.  Asking $1700.  I'm located in Columbus Ohio and am willing to deliver or meet you halfway for delivery, depending on distance. 

See pictures below to see the height you get with panels, extenders, and panel skirts. 




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  • Do you still have this available?

  • Are these still available?

  • Do you still have these propanels?

  • I'm interested. I'm in MD but travel to Parkersburg WV area ? Please contact me via PM or email on my profile?

  • Hi Britt, I would be interested in just the propanels and I'm in Columbus too. I have a set of KD panels but would like an extra set for my retail shop so I'm only willing to pay 50% of the retail value. Might be something to consider as the other parts would be easier to ship if you decide to part it out.  Feel free to keep this offer as a backup as I'm sure selling the entire set is ideal. Thanks!

    • Thanks!  I'd like to try to sell them together, but if it doesn't work, I'll definitely let you know!  

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