Seeking Trimline or other Domed tent

I'm looking for a good deal on a 10 x 10 Trimline, Light Dome or one of the other domed tents in good condition. Must do well in rain and wind. Must coordinate with flourish mesh panels for ez-up-type tent. 


Chicago area 

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  • I have virtually brand new trimline tent w several options including 8' height sides.

    Half price from new! $1250. Credit card ok!

    I only live five hours from you and will drive part way to deliver.

    Reach me at :

    • Thank you, Bill.  I've found a trimline. 

    • Just emailed you Bill.
    • Bill, thank you, someone else contacted me about his trimline and I have plans to buy it, have put down a deposit and should get it next week. 

  • You said "Must coordinate with flourish mesh panels for ez-up-type tent." The Flourish mesh panels for an EZ up fasten completely different than the mesh panels made for the Trimline. You should call Flourish first to ask them of the differences and how they might be able to fit.

    the Trimline mesh panels fasten to the horizontal poles and the EZ up does not have horizontal poles unless you add upper sta bars...  

  • Marilyn, I have a brand new Trimline I bought last year and haven't even set it up yet, I am willing to give a great deal on it, I paid 1800 it has front awning and center light pole all complete with three pole bags and all other bags.  I am in central Wisconsin, and could meet you.  Thanks!

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