Hi all,

I'm gearing up for a stocked Florida season and my husband (right hand man) won't be able to attend at least a few festivals.

I'm going to need assistance with booth setup and breakdown and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I've seen artists with hired helpers, but I personally don't know where to find them. They need to know how to set up the tent with me, and preferably the "ropes" in general. Any guidance? I'm in Florida and all my shows so far are in Florida. Thank you!!

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  • what shows are you doing? and what type of tent?


  • oh, one more place.  Try posting for help here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/158588044277660

    That is the NAIA forum

  • It will be a challenge to find someone who knows the ropes.  You can ask artists doing the show to see if they have older kids who might help.  Or call a temp agency in the city of the show.  Also, try the local college art department or local arts organization.  There could be an artist who needs show experience who'd be willing to help you.  Also, try posting in some of the Facebook artist groups or on ArtFairInsiders.com


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  • These are sources I have seen used: A stone sculpture hired temporary help from agency for "muscle". The guys showed up for loading ad unloading  ($300?, but it included their taxes and SS). I and others have used kids and grandkids for setup, sales, and takedown; $20-$100 cash/day. Other have contacted event organizers ti hire local teens; $20 cash/hour. (or what local babysitting rates are). 

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