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I'm considering an EZ Up style canopy for single day, good weather, outdoor shows to use with my Armstrong (stackable) panels (which I've thus far only used for indoor shows). I already have a Flourish Trimline (with mesh walls) for multi-day outdoor shows but it is becoming more and more difficult for me to transport, assemble, etc., it.

So I'm looking for brand/model recommendations solely to protect (my wildlife photography) from the sun. I don't need side walls or protection from rain. My only other requirement is that they be sturdy against wind. To that end, what is best to keep the canopy being recommended weighed down/standing?

I'd also like to know how anyone supports their Armstrong panels outdoors. I don't have wide footed legs and have always used cinder blocks to weigh down the Flourish. I have a single stabilizer bar across the front of the 10 x 10 panels (but know crossing two diagonally is an option) and otherwise don't use any supports for them (other than the brackets that come with them) when showing indoors. But of course I want to allow for wind outdoors.

Thanks for any consideration.


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  • We have an Undercover, too.  I can put it up by myself!  Yay, me! We have used Undercover since we discovered that the cost of replacing EZ-UP parts for a season nearly paid for the Undercover!



  • Hey Larry, LeeAnne.

    Thanks x2.

    I'm not prepared to spend this kind of money for nothing more than sun protection (and not blowing away) for a very small number of shows (single day, outdoor shows without, I might have added, large tent options wherein I wouldn't need any canopy of my own anyway). I don't want to pay for a waterproof top, walls, or anything else superfluous. I have the Flourish for that.

    I thought for a moment of replacing my Flourish with one of these but as difficult as it is to manage, at least I'm confident in the protection it provides. As tempting as both of your suggestions are, I wouldn't want to risk something that might puddle with water being my only option for multi-day shows.

    But I also wonder if the Armstrong panels can even withstand (not major) wind on their own without canopy walls around them(?). If that's the case, there is likely no option.

    But if they would, I'm looking for something for considerably less money.

    Thanks again.

    • I would check out the ez-up website, they have a great range of pop-up styles, at different price points. All able to go up with 1-2 people. 

  • Hi Brett!

    I purchased the new vinyl top Endeavor canopy from EZ-Up last year. This is their only vinyl top, and I got the four walls in vinyl as well. https://www.ezup.com/endeavor-vinyl-shelter.html

    I went with this model because the octagon legs were the sturdiest, and overall the design is able to go up in a couple minutes. I use it for multi-day shows as well as one day shows. 

    I had someone make thr PVC cement weights, but you can buy the sand bag weights on Amazon for cheap. I'll attach some photos. 


    E-Z UP Official Site | Endeavor™ Vinyl Shelter | #1 Instant Shelter
    Endeavor™ Vinyl Shelter
  • Hi Brett

    I had a similar issue. One day shows are difficult with my whole Trimline Tent setup. I've spent 2 years interviewing  other artist with pop up tents and have found the Undercover tent, at around 400 dollars to be mt choice.I can't remember if it's called Professional  or Commercial.  

    Bought it direct from Undercover. It's very sturdy,and has some features that others don't.

    The peak of the tent can be tightened for one, which allows for less  rain pocketing.But mostly the construction is best I've seen short of spending a ton of money.   Check it out.

    Larry Brown


    • Bret

      I've got over 2000 in my trim line.use it alot but early morning setups and same day take downs is worth more to me than I thought.

      I've had a cheaper ez up.  Trashed pretty fast. To flimsy, cant take the wind.No where need the strength of the undercover. Even if I do 2 or 3 one day shows a year, worth the 200 more to me for quality that last. Don't know about the panels. 

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