Anyone here fluent in "art speak"?

I saw this call for entry, and while my head hurt just reading it, I'm, pretty sure our Bubble Tower fits their needs.  Anyone care to look it over and tell me if I'm crazy to think we've a shot at this?
Scottsdale Arts Festival 2013 Temporary Public Artwork call for entry

If the  solar powered BubbleYou® Bubble Tower -the world's biggest bubble toy® is a good fit for this call for entry, I'll need major help translating my marketing material into art speak. I lack ANY training either in art or art speak.   Audacious, I agree, but I've got to start somewhere and this one seems to be a fit.  ???? or am I nuts ?  Feel free to pile on, don't hold back! 

Cheers and a HUGE THANK YOU!!
Bill Coleman

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