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I was working online looking for Art Show dates and I learned about a new way to scam artists.  I was looking at an art show's facebook page for show dates and noticed a warning to artists on one show's page.  

The show had canceled this year due to covid.  Scammers were claiming that the show was still on and were offering booths for $100.  The scammers were actually posting that the show was still open and they were posting this on the show's facebook page!  I can see how people could easily think that the show was still on and think this was legitimate since it was posted on the show's facebook page.  

When I am looking for show dates and show updates I have noticed that show cancellations are often very hard to find on some show's websites.  Show dates often seem to be hidden from the public.  I'm sure the show organizers don't even realize that their websites are not always user friendly.  I have often looked all over to find show information with no luck.  Then, I will google what I am looking for and many times the info is there but I couldn't find it until  I googled it.  I end up feeling like the show info was hidden somewhere on the website.  Also, show don't always add the year with their show dates.  I don't know if I am looking at old information.  I don't know if the show has even been updating their website.  If your show is June 12 & 13 and the year isn't included that show date could be several years old(just some critical info for show producers to take note of).   

With that in mind, you can understand that an artist may miss the fact that a show canceled several months ago.  Scammers come on to the page and begin offering booth availability.  Scammers may eventually get stopped but not before some artists lose some of their hard earned money.  

So, I just wanted to alert artists that scammers are always looking for a way to get your money.  Always make sure you are dealing with show personnel.  If booth prices seem to good to be true, it is probably a scam.  

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