I am done with shows - and kicking up my heels in joy. I love doing shows, but I am super happy I can rest a bit, if you know what I mean. Anyway, work is never done - there is organizing, doing an inventory (to get ready for tax time), look into show applications and applying to 2010 shows... On of the things I am doing now is reflecting on sales over the year. I have been on this site for awhile now - not quite a year though, and know nearly each person has commented about each show they have done and how their sales were. But as a whole - throughout the whole year, would you say sales would be on par compared to other years. Something I have noticed is sales despite mostly breaking even at shows, that they are a little better than last year. Granted some of my best sales have occurred at the end of the season (especially with what I have sold in shops). Anyway, I am mentioning this as we live in the moments of each show, it is kinda interesting to look back, on the whole, and really see how sales have been through out the year. I have learned some of the shows I thought were bad, actually weren't that bad at all and debating on giving them another try 2010. Anyone having a similar experience? A totally different experience? Please dish!

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  • I want to add that the weather was the worst this year than in past years too. I know this had a big effect on shows. The last one I did ended early due to a snow storm that wasn't supposed to happen. It got people out early and buying fast, but it died quickly. Nearly everyone was still pleased but at the same time wondering if the snow didn't keep up, would there be even more sales. According to past exhibitors - the answer would have been definitely yes.

    Other weekends it is either extreme heat or horrible rains. Chris, don't count your chickens before they are hatched for next year - if the weather is any better you may find the "economy card" might not be as big of a factor. Regardless good luck on your new designs! - Michelle
  • We just finished show number 44. And now I curl up in front of the woodstove!

    We were down about 12% over last yesr. Many things contributed to this, the crappy economy being number one. Many times I heard comments like "We only have so much to spend here." I saw that useful items were the biggest sellers at the shows, and thank God I was among them. Another reason sales were down fro us was the weather. This past summer it rained almost every weekend up here in New England. And when you lose Saturday to rain, you just don't make it up on Sunday.

    We also picked a few shows where it just wasn't our market. That is completely our fault and we can't blame the promoters for that. We did not have what the customers wanted. It's not the first time nor will it be the last time that happens!

    But I have reservations about 2010. The economy will still suck, and the lunacy in Washington will continue, but this time the entire House is up for election as is 1/3 of the Senate. So the campaign season will begin in February and that'll put a drain on the customers' nerves.

    But we plow away anyhow.

    We're working on some new designs and either a complimentary product or something completely different for Diane. We'll see.
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