Hi everyone. I'm looking to share the cost with a roommate for the following TX shows in October: Cottonwood Bayou City San Antonio (Lynette's new show) If you're interested, please let me know. I'm a non-smoker, easy going and don't stay up late during show nights. (Although if you stay up, it doesn't bother me. Eye masks and earplugs rock.) I'd prefer to stay downtown for Bayou City since I have a late set up, but would consider other nearby options. Thanks y'all, Meredith Mkuntzsch2@mac.com 734.674.7542 (texts messages are best at first)

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  • Meridith, there are also other options if you don't get any takers.  I can't think of the website off hand but try putting the word hotel into the search bar above.  I know occasionally people rent out their bedrooms and they may also work for you.  Personally, I have a Choice rewards Visa card and I put just about everything on it.  Then, I get some free room stays.  They also have deals in the off season where if you book 2 rooms a 3rd is free.  I love it.  I have had my share of free rooms over the years.

    • That's a good idea Jacki about rooms for rent. I'll keep that in mind.
  • What a great way to save some money.  If you keep adding a comment on here you will keep this showing up on the home page for artists to see.  Good luck.

    • Good idea Jacki. I never used to do the roommate thing, but it's really a smart way to go if traveling alone. It makes total fiscal sense, you meet new friends, and can be safer especially for women on their own. I've had a recent scary hotel experience and a long time past bad experience. But saving some money sounds like the major upside for me - especially when the show isn't in a place where I'm considering also turning it into a mini vacation. So what the heck, right?
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