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Good morning everyone!

Dh has been looking for roadside assistance for our cargo trailer.  I believe it's a 6x12 if that matters.  It is pulled by our personal vehicle, a Suburban.  It is pulled only to shows.  He mostly wants it in case we have a flat, which has never happened so far.  We do have 2 spares and a jack in the trailer.  Dh could change a flat if absolutely necessary but at a few months shy of 65, he would prefer not to.

Our auto insurance has roadside assistance for regular vehicles (which we have) but does not offer it for cargo trailers.  He also checked AAA.  Same situation, not on cargo trailers.

Anyone know of a company that provides roadside assistance for cargo trailers?

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  • something to consider -

    Id work on downsizing -when we got rid of our Trailer -

    it was like a great load off of our shoulders . I rebuilt our displays

    (made them smaller and lighter ) take less stock ( weve always took to much )

    got rid of the full size van and went to a Min Van - Im the same age as you are -

    im too old to do the bull work any more - yet we want to do some shows -

    so work on cutting the size down and the weight -- of course this is your decision 

    But our life is better with less .

  • Good Sam Club has good rv plans, would need to check if that includes cargo vans though. 

  • I have AAA with trailer coverage. I've never used it, so I can't endorse it. But you made me look at my coverage and this is what I found.

    Trailers: With your upgrade to Plus RV or Premier RV, you’ll enjoy generous towing miles for the trailer hauling your boat or other recreational cargo. 

    Covered trailer types include: • Boat • Personal Watercraft • ATV • Utility • Livestock (unoccupied) • Snowmobile • Motorcycle

    Specialty Vehicle coverage is included with your Premier RV membership for ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and dune buggies.

    It says "Utility", and I carry a bicycle in my trailer, so I guess that would be recreational.

    But as I said, I've never used it, so I don't know how valuable it is.

    Good luck

  • A quick google search came up with this

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