Has anyone been in this show ? I've read the reviews under Art Show Reviews but there isn't much info on the show here. A couple of people I have spoken to at other shows had good things to say about it but they are also pretty new to Art shows. Just looking for some feedback.

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  • Awesome Kim, I'm in RiverArts and Pink Palace, but Art Paired conflicted with another show for me.  Hope you have great shows here in MTown!

  • Will also be doing this show again.  This must be my Memphis year, because I'm doing Art Paired and Pink Palace too.

    • Great Hope I get a chance to meet you.

  • Hey Kendra,

    Have you heard back from RiverArts yet?  Hope you made it!


    • Yes I will be there Donald

  • Hey Kendra,

    I was in the booth next to you at 4BAF this year and last year was my first time for RiverArts.  As Kim said below, it was a good show for me even with the rain.  Hoping to get picked up for it again this year! 


    • Hi Donald good to hear from you. I went ahead and applied. So maybe we will get to be neighbors again.

  • I love this show!  I did it for the first time last year.  Crowds were down because of rain, but I still did very well. Visitors are there to buy and are very appreciative of the art. 

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