Has anyone done the Chicago Edgewater Arts Festival the end of Sept? It is a 3 hour drive for me and I will need a hotel for at least one night, is it worth it? The deadline to apply is 5/1. Any advice would help me decide to apply or not. Thanks

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  • I did this show for 4 years. I will not be doing it again. It's frequently plagued by bad weather (2018 & 2019 particularly) and it's much more of a looker than buyer crowd. The crowd that does come is older and more conservative and expects flea market prices in my experience. If the weather is good this can be an OK (but not *good*) festival, but that is a big *if*. I would recommend checking out other arts festivals earlier in the year like Logan Square Arts Festival, particularly if you have something edgier/less traditional thst appeals to a younger demographic.

  • I did the show last year and it was pretty good, but I commuted from my Mom's house in Milwaukee so did not have to pay for a hotel.  Maybe worth trying if you tend to do well in urban settings, but I wouldn't count on it being a big money-maker.

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