I'm thinking about trying Reflectix to make pouches to transport small to large paintings.  Some are oil, some are both oil and acrylic.  I'm afraid of the Reflectix getting stuck to the painting surface, especially if it's hot.  Has anyone been using Reflectix pouches enough to weigh in on this?

I have been using glassine paper before this, having read that it's supposed to be safe for oil or acrylic.  But once it did get stuck to a painting when I shipped it.  It left pieces stuck on the painting when they tried to take it off.  I'm not sure if it was because the coat of Gamvar I had applied was still not cured enough, even though I waited the number of days it said on the bottle to cure.

I'm thinking of still trying to use a sheet of glassine paper inside the foil pouches to separate the faces of the paintings from the Reflectix, hoping that the time it got stuck to the painting was because the Gamvar wasn't truly cured.  Brown paper from the roll, from the painting section at Home Depot, as a separater - I'm hesitant about using that, because I read sometimes it can bleed pigment if it gets wet, and that it is generally acidic.  Does anyone have opinions or much experience with any of these things?

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  • Yes! I've used the Reflectix custom size "envelopes" for several years. I make them to fit all my art and then label each one with the painting name.

    All went well until a few years ago and my first 3-day big fair, arriving with quite a few new pieces. Most had silver pieces embedded in the painting varnish. It was devastating to say the least.

    I believe I did not let them cure long enough, along with hot temps etc. I've changed a few things:

    1. Purchased a giant roll of the reflectix at Lowe’s (or maybe it was Home Depot) that has the smooth white on one side and silver as usual on the other. I make the envelopes with the smoother, white inside. Cheaper too, buying the big roll.
    2. Have gone to other formats without varnish.
    3. Cover each piece in a white plastic garbage bag, then put in envelope. Seems to be working well. Although plastic seems to stick to the edges of envelope where tape seal is. Need to fine tune my method apparently! 🤪

    With the varnished pieces using plastic can be scary. Have used Kraft paper too. Seems fine.

  • I use it without issue, but only short term transit to and from shows.  Mine are acrylic and mixed media though.  

  • I' was taught to usewax paper. I've used it for years and never had an issue, always on thoroughly dried pieces. I paint with acrylic paint.

    • Thanks for your reply!  Good to hear what has worked for many years. It can get confusing reading stuff online!

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