Please excuse the length. I do go on.

Someone saw some of my work online and asked how to get their hands on a print. I'd uploaded some files to an online print-on-demand place ( and directed them there. I asked for feedback - the customer thought a couple of the prints were "faded". To my dismay I realized the files I'd loaded onto the site were of poor quality, the originals were long gone, and all I could do was remove the poor quality files from the print website. I wanted to do something for the customer, so I printed out a couple on 8 1/2 x 11 light card stock, coloured them in with micron ink, pencil & pencil crayon, and send them to her gratis. 

The thing is, people have often wanted to see this particular work in colour (they are pencil drawings). So I did a few more of these hand-coloured prints. It is fun to see the difference, the changes & new possibilities from revisiting a done-deal so to speak.

My question is what do I call this product? I'd like a nice, expressive and informative term for it. I was at an art show last month where someone had drawn on an inkjet print & listed inkjet as one of the mediums of the piece (the show was supposed to be a pure drawing exhibition).  Photographic and digital/giclee prints are often reworked by hand. I haven't seen quite the same thing as what I do though, and wondered what to label it. I will be taking part in a show in the fall that only allows original pieces, no prints. Does my work (each one has had 3-6 hours of work put into it, and generally the original inkjet has been completely covered over) qualify as an original piece, or will it always be a reproduction?

Here is an example of an original pencil drawing, the lightly imaged print that I re-work, and the finished product. BTW this particular body of work I call my Tree Dancers.

original pencil "Lotus Dancer"

light print on card stock for re-creation of drawing 

finished re-created colour version of original Lotus Dancer drawn over print

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  • Even though each piece uses the same sketch / subject, each work is an original.  Some photographers do this with photographs (paint over a "multiple copy" print and create a one-of-a-kind work by painting over it [aka "overpainting"]).  Anyway, you are offering hand painted (or inked) original art over an edition print ... Call it "Reduxed Originals" :-)

    • Key input you've given me Hugo. I started this thread because the inner dialogue was running in ineffective circles. Outside thoughts are vital when stalemated like that! Tree Dancers Redux - nice group concept descriptor. Thanks. I can see using that label very easily.

  • Beautiful work!  How about re-imagined?

    • Cool idea Amy :) Definitely I will be making your phrase a part of the conversation!

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