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I am new here and I don't know if this question is in the right spot but I am asking how people pack and protect large paintings (40x60"plus the frames) while traveling. I interested in any ideas that is both safe for the painting and relatively easy as we all know time is a concern at art shows?

I know about gallery pouched but I don't know if that would work with such large heavy work.

I am also curious how people pack their trailers. ie systems for stacking paintings, unique shelving ideas? I just got a new trailer and would like to utilize it to its full capacity (idk if that made sense).

I have searched the discussions but can't seem to find anything this specific.


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I purchase moving blankets from Harbor Freight in Longmont, CO, and have them made into exact-size storage pouches for all of my photographs, ranging from 20x30- to 30x45-inches. I place them vertically (on the floor) in my trailer and secure them against the wall using tie-downs.

I use the 4’x8’ sheets of styrofoam from Lowe’s or Home Depot. I put one sheet in between each painting vertically in the art trailer. Carpet floor on the bottom of the trailer. You can get different widths of styrofoam, depending how solid you want them. They are lightweight, cheap as heck, and cover the full length of the large artwork. Tie down with bungees over the last one so they don’t tilt over as you drive.

I like this idea the best. Thanks

I order large "gallery wrap" bags in the exact size for the paintings from Frame They aren't cheap, but I have to say, encaustics can be pretty temperamental and I have never had any problems with them. I too do 48 x 60 paintings and I can get bags that fit really well and they are a heavy bubble wrap so they really protect them. Don't get the velcro bags because the velcro comes off too easy. Just tape them with gorilla tape and you're good. 


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