Propanels or Armstrong panels?

In my booth upgrade, I need to buy panels for my back drop - I am looking at Propanels and Armstrong panels.  Any thoughts on differences?  I have an EZ up and I sell jewelry, so the panels are more for a look than to hang anything on.  I will put my sign and blown up pictures on them.  Thanks all


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  • I'd also look at the price...not sure which are better on that. We always used Armstrong panels. What I especially like about them over Pro Panels is that you can change the covers on them from season to season and you don't have that industrial look. They are more customizable. We had a series of slipcovers for ours over the years. Maybe the public didn't notice but it always felt fresh to us when we had a new look. It may be a personality thing, I like lots of variety in my life and life in a 10 x 10 can get a little confining. ;)
  • Hi Diane,

    I would base it on what fits best in your minivan if there is a difference in size. But as to look, aren't they virtually the same?

    Larry Berman
    • Thanks Larry!!
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