Propanel free standing shelving

Finished the outdoor season today with shelves that were never meant for the outdoors or to be built/unbuilt every weekend.  The looked great but I would like something better for next year.


I noticed that Propanel has freestanding shelving units.  Has anyone used them?  How much assembly is needed?  How heavy are they?  Any thoughts?  


Better yet, is anyone selling some?



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  • Propanel shelving is way too expensive and if you do not have enough propanels to attach it to, you are sunk. I had a woodshop teacher offer to make me shelves and then at the last minute bow out on me because he has four other jobs in front of mine and will not have them ready for this summer..duh, that is when I need it and he KNEW it when he signed on in January...Oh, well, now I shop for shelving. I thought of buying my own lattice and making hinged sides so I can fold it down and then adding shelves for a stand alone unit of my own until I checked out costs of supplies and time. I still have to get ready for my June show and do not really have time to make my own.  I did find a wonderful place that is more cost effective than propanels and I probably cannot make my own as cheap. I haven't checked into shipping but I am going to call. The company is Specialty Woods and they make foldable shelving in a variety of sizes and colors. Check it out!

    • I do not have the experience that most of you do, however, after much research, we plan on ordering this setup in the next couple of weeks.

      They are re-vamping the website and the do not have everything up (I first saw them before this started) but, emails to them are promptly answered. 


      • Thank you, Phyllis! I like their shelving and think I will do business with them instead of the company I had previously mentioned on here.

  • I have what I think is called, ladder shelving. There is a black metal 'ladder' on each side, with the propanel shelf bridging between them. I absolutely love them. You have so many options with them. And they give a nice clean look to my booth. The ladders velcro at the top and bottom of the propanels. Very easy to store and set up.
    • so the ladders are velcro'd to the back piece?   I don't want the wall panels because I want to get as much natural light into my booth as I can - I usually keep the walls up unless the weather totally sucks.  


      Also are the shelves grooved to stay on the ladder, or do they just sit on it?

      • Yes, they are velcro's to the back poles of the panels. They are grooved, so, it is a nice tight fit. But, if you don't anchor them to something (maybe two very stable poles), you will get a leaning tower that will quickly fall sideways. (been there, done that).
        • I think we may be talking about two different things.  Look at and go down to the fourth item labeled "Freestanding Shelf Unit"


          • Wow, that is nice. I've got what is in the 2nd picture. The 4th one down--that looks stable & very workable. And those shelves look just like mine (which are grooved and hook unto the ladder system). I think that that is a very doable solution if you don't want walls. I bet that I could order that back standing stabilizing piece for my set up. They mentioned that they redesigned the shelves for more stability-the ones that I have are extremely solid. I'll have to call and find out......
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