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I am looking to invest in propanels for shows (I'm a high-end jeweler) and would like to know about people's experience with them. I have a few questions: 1). What kind of car do you drive? Van vs. car, I have a subaru outback'10. I'm wondering if I'll be able to fit the panels for a 10 x 10 booth, maybe two podiums plus lighting into my car.... 2.). Full size panel vs. tear-down 1/2 size panels? 3.). Does anyone have experience with their LED lighting systems? Thankyou, B.

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    Needing to change configurations is where propanels beat mesh walls.  I don't know much about them but I believe they pretty much only work in a 10' x 10' situation.  Maybe someone else can chime in about them.  Mesh walls do, however, roll into a very small package.  

    • Thankyou, Alison. I checked them out but I'm looking for a more upscale look, I can't believe there are such limited options on the market for show booth supplies. I've narrowed it down to propanels but would love to hear from people who've had experience with them. I've even checked out the propanel site forum, left inquiries but have heard nothing.
  • Depending on how much wall space you need to cover, propanels (even the knockdowns) can take up a lot of space.  You also have to have at least one corner of panels or they will be unstable.  Have you thought of using mesh walls?  They take up a lot less space if you are not going to be hanging much.

    • Thankyou Alison, but what are "mesh walls"?  I need to have a traveling 10 X 10 booth that can re-adjust to a smaller booth size as needed.

  • You won't be able to fit the full size into your car.

    • I figured as much, thankyou, Alison.

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