Does your booth display match the quality of your art?  These Oatmeal Pro Panels and components will put you in the game, BIG TIME.  Use some of it or all of it.  So many different ways to configure these panels.  Easy set-up too.  10 Pro Panels 8' x 38.5", 4 Pro Panels 8' x 30.0", 10 standard stiffeners, 6 L stiffeners, 3 support bars, 22 cable hangers at 72", 22 cable grips, and to top it off 1 Haul-It cart.  I'm located in Northern New Jersey, easy access to metro areas.  Original cost over $3,800.  Now selling for $2,500.  Invest in your business, and these will pay for themselves in a short time.  Additonal pics available.  Please email me at  


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  • are the lights for sale? What kind are they?

    • Yes, Sarah.  The lights are for sale too.  They are custom made track lights and designed for an easy set-up.  The bulbs are positionable in different locations so that you can shine the spotlight precisely where it is needed.  There are 3 separate sections and they have standard plugs.  One section also has a power strip.  Each of these sections has two sets of track lights mounted to a lightweight metal support bracket.  As you can see, each metal section has 6 lights.  The overall length of each section is around 9-1/2 feet.  I made them this length to work with my typical booth configuration, but they can be trimmed a bit if needed.  They fit in my Honda Odyssey van.  $350 for all.  Pick-up in Northern New Jersey.  Thank you for asking.  

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