I have 27 (7' 38.5" FULL) black Pro Panels.  (Was used once)

27     7' 38.5" full pro panel black 

1        pro desk 42" black 2 shelves

1       36" mini desk black 1 shelf

21      stiffener

4       Stiffener L

4       two in one telescoping support bar

28      anchor hanger







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  • Hello,

    Is your 10 x 20 booth still available?

  • Hi are your booths still for sale? Thanks


    • Yes Randuz, both still available. I am from Mexico but this weekend someone is going to Chula Vista, if you still interested. 

      • Great!  I would like to schedule an appoitment this weekend if that is possible. Thank you.  PS- I also wrote you an email to follow up.  

  • Hi! Is this still available? I am local to SD and would be interested!

    • Yes they still available. I am from Mexico but someone is going this weekend if you still interested. Thank you Cherise

  • Hello, is the 10x10 set still available?

  • Will you sell peices of this set up?

    • Hello Brandon, no, I will sell the whole package of the 10' x 20' or the 10' x 30'.

This reply was deleted.