2 print bins and 44" desk with 2nd shelf.They were never used and in perfect condition.Charcoal grey color.Manufactured by Armstrong Products.Located in South Florida.Total cost new is $796.00.Selling for 250.00 cash.

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  • Pictures and location please
  • Hi Bruce
    Interested in SWF please email me rougerogue8@gmail.com
  • I would like to buy this, where is south Florida are you? I am in Orlando.

    • I am in Ft.Lauderdale

      • Would you be willing to meet half way or I will be in West Palm for Sunfest May 5th

        • Unfortunately I cannot as I am in NY.I have someone in Ft Lauderdale that has access to the unit where the desk and bins are located.

  • Are you interested in just selling the desk and if so how much?

    • I would rather sell the desk with the bins too.I no longer have the boxes for any of them,so shipping would be too expensive.I am no longer in Florida and have some one handling it for me

  • I'm interested in the desk.  What would you want for just it? Any idea what it would cost me to ship to Chicago?

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