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Would anyone care to share what they charge for prints? I am just beginning to sell 5x7 and 8x10's, matted, backed and bagged. I'd appreciate anyone sharing what they sell theirs for and any pointers! Thanks.

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  • 8x10 - $20

    11x14 - $40

    16x20 - $60

    (Giclee Prints,matted, foamcore backer, shrinkwrapped, limited edition)

    I am considering raising the price on the 8x10s.

    • Thanks Wendy.  Yes, I would think you could charge more for the 8x10's.  How do you shrinkwrap?

      • I have a shrinkwrap machine.  (Look them up on Uline)

        • Does that method hold up better than the clear bags?  I see another piece of equipment entering my life if it does...oh boy.

          • Yes and No.  It makes the presentation better.... but if it sits in the sun it can continue to shrink and make the artwork curve a little bit.  I simply shuffle them through the day to avoid this.

            I only do the shrinkwrap with the larger sizes and any odd sizes because I think it looks crappy to have the excess taped in the back.  It holds up better.

             The 8x10s I use clear bags as they are easier and the presentation is good.  I will often set these near the sun because they will not continue to shrink.   I use it for my daughters artwork and I own a retail store so I have the industrial one.  I have to replace the pads on it after a year of shrinkwrapping and sometimes the wire.  No biggie.

            My daughter however has far more patience with the heat gun shrinkwrapping than I do. :)

            • Thanks Wendy, all good info.

  • My 5x7s are $16 and my 8x10s are $22.  Open edition and archival, bagged with foam core so they don't bend, but no matting.  Have to admit, I'm curious to see other's pricing too!  Most of the shows I've been to there either aren't a lot of prints or the prints they have are much larger sizes.

  • I've done two shows so far, so not much of a basis.  I have two print sizes 11x14 at $20 and 16x20 at $35.  Mine are also matted, backed, and bagged, but the economy style.  I have a large format HP Latex printer at my work that I use for my prints.

    • Without specifying my prices, needless to say I won't sell my work anywhere near that low a price structure. However I use museum grade materials, conservative at ion grade techniques, limited editions on everything. Not manipulated via software (as most do), And I believe my images to be above the norm. I do every bit of it myself. Including, cutting my mount board, mattes, frames, glazing, printing, mounting. I even make my padded bags.
      I'm sure we all believe our work to be above the norm. However it is less costly to buy precut mattes etc. I just choose a higher quality and control, hence different price points. I would rather give my art away then sell it for $20.
      • Wow Larry, I can understand why you charge premium prices for your prints.  That is a lot of work and expense that goes into them.  I just purchased a new printer so I am going to charge a fair price based on my costs for my prints.  Thank you for commenting.

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