I was bidding for a hotel on Priceline the last 2 nights. I had looked at their Express deals and the regular listings first, and think I know the identity of their 2 ½ star listings, and they are all acceptable hotels. But I have bid up to 3 dollars below the Express Deal price. I don’t know why I am not getting my bid accepted. There is no point in bidding more.  There is a service charge for bidding, there must be for Express deals too, I don’t know if they are the same amount. Taxes and service fees are bundled together on the bidding price page.


My premise has been that you can get a bid price accepted for a little less than an Express deal. Am I incorrect? Or is it that I am bidding too soon? I like to have my hotels booked and out of the way. But right now it is 2 months ahead of the weekend I need.  


In my email I got the usual post-failure notice, “Tips for successful bidding” which basically just urges you to raise your bid. But then I saw something I had not noticed before: “ You may submit this exact bid again after 01:05 AM ET on 04/02/2017 ”. This was only 2 hours after I made the last bid.


I thought you had to wait 24 hours, then raise your bid? Has something changed? I didn’t priceline much the last few years.


I thought the bidding hotel inventory is the same as the Express Deal inventory: am I wrong?


Is it that I am bidding too soon?  Is the price likely to go down if I wait, either for bidding or for buying an Express Deal?


Thanks for your advice.


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