• Very nice but tie down straps are distracting. I am a large inventory person and it struck me that if you want a $10K show you dont have much inventory.  Do the demographics of the show suggest single purchares of very high dollar wood sculpture? Will one sale make your show?

    • Thanks Richard, I was wondering about the straps myself, so good point. Inventory may be an issue, maybe forever based on how long it takes to make each piece. At the moment, 10 feels like a good number without being too crowded, especially when there's more than one person in the booth. This isn't for a specific show, but one sale would certainly cover show expenses.

  • Overall, well done. If I were to be very picky, a few tweaks:

    - 1st piece on left overlaps 3rd piece on left

    - 2nd and 3rd pieces on left should be oriented more towards camera

    - get rid of table in back, doesn't seem to add anything to artwork shown

    - hang weights on outside of tent, so that orange weight straps are not visible to camera

    - take photo along centerline of booth

    looks like a great body of work, well done

    PS last thought: looks like you have 3 gray pro panels hanging horizontally, one on each wall. Suggest moving all 3 to back wall, oriented vertically, next to each other, to form one continuous wall.

    • Thanks Mark! I appreciate picky. And another vote for hiding the straps. I'm curious if people keep things like weights and tables out of the booth pic they're submitting to shows, but use them during. And good idea on the gray panel orientation. I'll be setting up for a new pic with the addition of the mesh walls and might dump the panels completely, but will certainly try your suggestion first. Having them all in the back might give it more of a gallery feel.

      • The St. Louis Art Fair just completed a 'mock' jury. Here is the link to the jury results, suggest looking at the various booth arrangements. After you look at several dozen of them, you will start to get a feel for what booths are attractive, and which are not. Probably most relevant for you are the 3d media. Also, the audio/video of the jurors discussing the applicants is illuminating.


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        • Fantastic, thanks! 

  • nice job! It shows the work well.  

    • Thanks Mary!

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