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New England photographer Ron Wilson was in an accident Friday night on the way to the Armonk Art Show.

Larry Berman

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Thank you, Larry, for posting this.

Back in the day, hardly a show would go by when I wouldn't have a short conversation with Ron, and I most remember his direct eye contact and his never forgetting my name, a skill embarrassingly absent for me, caused and made worse by my low grade but persistent social phobia. I haven't crossed paths with Ron for over a decade due to my changing means of income and ever shifting show circuit, but I won't forget his kind remarks and demeanor and wish to offer my condolences to his family. 

I'm so very sorry to Rons' Family & all who knew him. He indeed had a great talent & will be missed. 

I am not sure whether I ever met Ron (though he does look familiar) but no matter.  I am saddened for his family and for anyone who lost a friend that day.  My heart goes out to all of you.

--Chris Fedderson

I met Ron at my very first show 6 years ago and his generosity of spirit and practical advice to a newly minted photography was so very special.  He always had a smile and a supportive word for me when we crossed paths at shows since then.  He was a true photographic talent and wonderful friend.  I will miss him and send my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

I am shocked and saddened by this news. Thanks for posting it Larry. I live in Plymouth, MA and knew Ron through the Plymouth Art Guild. When I was searching for a designer for my website, I saw Ron's and asked him who did his site? Was he happen with the site? Did he like working with him on developing the site? Ron was so helpful with his information. That was how we met. After that we met often on the show circuit. When shows were bad or very slow, Ron would always say something like it's not over yet or there is time for it to pick up. He never grumbled. I am no longer doing shows and haven't seen him for a couple of years. My heart is saddened for the loss. His photography was wonderful, just like the man. 


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