• I agree with Ezra Croft, I think we do need art in our lives.  It nourishes us in a spiritual way that nothing else comes close to.  Whenever I see a home with nothing on the walls, I just want to can anyone live like that?  I must have art in my life and in my home or I'd feel like just another boring, no taste member of the American middle thank you!  Art is what defines us and makes us the interesting individuals that we are.  To consider a world without art would be like the end of civilization as we know has been present since the beginning of time, think about cave paintings.  No, I disagree that art is unnecessary, I think it's very, very necessary.

    • As an artist I know we all most certainly want art in our life...that is one reason we do what we do..but not everyone sees art in the same way. To one person art is something hanging on the walls...such as paintings, photographs, stuffed moose heads, wall sculptures or whatever pushes their button. To someone else art is something sitting on a table, shelf, cabinet...and the list can go on-and-on.

      It is our passion as artists... in whatever medium that might be, to create work that will quickly grab the attention of someone that really likes it enough and wants to see it on their  wall, table, desk or where ever it fits.

      We cannot create work that will be apprecianated to everyone but we sure can create what turns us on and hope for a desirable respon$e from others...

  • Obviously people do not need art to exist...all we really need is food, water and some sort of shelter to live in...however, the desire to have more and live better is what separates most of us from the animal world.

    People have to be exposed to art in order to appreciate it or want it. How does anyone want something they are not aware of? Art shows are a main and important source of helping the public become  aware of what exists in the creative minds and hands of us artists.

    As many shows get diluted with the addition of buy-sell and non creative related vendors, a haze keeps forming that further dilutes the exposure to artists creativeness...especially during times filled with so many other electronic gadgets and gizmos that compete for peoples interest.

  • All the artwork in our home comes from art or craft shows. Be it hanging art or hand thrown pottery or wood turned vessels, or the hand wrought iron fireplace set next to my woodstove.

    So yes, we need art in one form or another.

    But I was told so many years ago there nothing at an art fair or craft fair anybody needs. And that is so true. But we as exhibitors must realize the people don't need our art. Our job is to make them want our work.

    • oh how many times I hear "Honey you need a pair of suspenders to keep your pants up" LOL. Functional with my art on them makes the sale. 

    • Chris I have read that quote before about no one needing art .... right here in this forum and it was posted by you.  Yes, art is not a necessity but it can make life more enjoyable.  Functional art can provide both beauty and something that actually works, and I suspect it will work much better than a similar item we buy in big box store XYZ.

  • It's getting harder and harder to find people with there heads about then and not buried in the "cell".
  • People most certainly need art...but the big issue is how to get them to realize it....and then how to get them to buy it.

    When I see certain art it just pushes some button inside of me somewhere that grabs my attention and draws me to it..It is something inside each of us that makes us "like what we like" and draws us into its grasp. Unfortunately for many people thay are having their buttons pushed for the wrong things...such as the electronic gizmos and games that are so abundant today. The other day I went to Lowes to buy some paint and watched some fool that was  walking and so absorbed in looking at his phone  that he walked face first into a store display.

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