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Paragon "greater Charlotte Art Fairs"- does anyone have experience with either theirSpring or fall shows in Charlotte?

Much appreciated, Laura

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I've done both the spring show and the fall show.  The fall show was not as good for me but it was also the very first time the event was held.  The spring show the following year (2013) was quite good for me.  I would have done it this year but the dates came out late and I had already committed to another show.  The area has money, you can tell by the cars in the parking lot.  I'm a bit of a car buff and seeing a Ferrari up close as well as seeing a brushed steel Jaguar was an added plus.  

Thanks so much for replying, Alison, it was very helpful.  good luck with your fall shows! 

Hi Laura! I have done both shows only once. Sales were not enough for me to return. It is a beautiful main street setting and the quality of art work is fantastic! So is the promoter, but the high end stores seemed to get as much traffic as we artists did. Lots of people just not enough sales to support the booth fee. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Thank you, Carol, food for thought- it is a long trip for us from NYC so the expenses would be high. Really appreciate your feedback. What kind of work do you do? We are jewelers. Best, Laura

I have done 2 spring shows and 1 fall show.

Hi, Laura,

I moved to Charlotte 2 yrs ago this month, and I did the fall show last year, which was good for me. I did not do the spring one, but I am doing the fall one this year. It was an easy load in and load out, and artist parking was pretty close by. Best of luck with your decision!
Thanks, Becky, I'll see you in Charlotte! Really appreciate your reply as well as those of Carol & Alison.

It will be my first time in Charlotte so I'm looking forward to it. I'll look for you so we can have a chance to meet.
Best, Laura
Great... will look forward to meeting you!
I did both shows last year and the spring one this year. Would like to do the fall one but I'm due 9/28 and don't really want to try to figure out what to do with 3 or 4 week old infant at an outdoor cool weather show.... So had to take it off the list this year.

Last year both shows were great for me doing well over what I consider a worthwhile show. I also had an amazing spot! This spring, different spot, different vibe, much lower traffic. Had a good day Saturday and less than $100 on Sunday. Wasn't enough to be profitable. Since Ive had good luck before I'd return and try it again. You just never know.

This show has great potential with time and promotion. I find Charlotte to be a tough market for me. I do one of a kind handbags and accessories and find the shows further north are much more profitable.  I have considered the fact that the upscale retail in Birkdale could have been my problem. Who knows! Good like to all of you at the show! And congratulations to Britt on the upcoming baby!!!! Maybe I will come by to shop and say hi.

I am thinking of applying to the spring show. Does anyone have any thoughts about it being on Mother's Day weekend? The date has not been posted yet, but it has traditionally been held on the second weekend. That is usually Mother's Day weekend.
I don't think it hurt at all. There were definitely a lot of families out and dressed up like it was a special day. And someone sells flowers on Saturday, so I think a good amount of guys come out to pick up flowers for their lady.


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