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Good Afternoon Fellow Artists!

     I was just accepted into a show put on by Paragon Art Festivals (Fairfax, VA) and was wondering if this is promoter is a good one to do a show with?

     I will be doing the "St. James Court" (St. James section) in Louisville, KY the weekend before and am trying to decide whether to add on this other show.  It will be a 10 hour drive so there will be a lot more expenses in gas/accomodations and food - and lately with the economy, don't know if it would be worth it?!  

If anyone of you has participated in a show with them, and especially, if you are 2D (I am a painter), I would really appreciate any feedback I can get.


Julia D. McGrath

Julia's Watercolors, LLC


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I'll know in November, I'm in two of them this fall. I will say that I grew up in Fairfax and there is money there and art savvy people. Also the northern Virginia area does not seem to be as saturated with art shows as other areas. I will be there and I think it is a good bet but then I'm not driving 10 hours to get there.
Alison, don't you think it strange that Paragon would launch a brand new fall show on the same weekend as a well established show, The 35 Annual Fall Festival

Julia, this would concern me if I were driving from MI, You will be a thousand in expenses before you open shop: $400 for booth, $300 for fuel and at least three nights stay in a hotel plus food. Then you would be going up against an established show, albeit a one day Saturday show.

I think Paragon has good potential. They had a solid showing in the Fairfax spring show with average artist sales around $2900, but any first time show is a risk. That said, I'm looking forward to their Silver Springs MD show.

Being from Virginia, I keep a close eye on northern Virginia, There are good shows but I believe it is fast becoming saturated.

Here are some details about the other show being offered on that weekend:

Fall Festival, a one-day outdoor event, includes over 400 vendors with a public attendance of 25,000 shoppers.  
*Juried event, showcasing only the very best crafters. Great mix of professional Arts & Crafts exhibitors along with a small collection of Gourmet Food vendors sprinkled throughout for atmosphere. 
*Event is free to the public.
*Event is geared to the vendor.
*Event brochure is distributed to 40,000 households. .   

Thanks Leo - good information to have regarding the competing show.  I did hear the same about the Fairfax spring show.  I am brand new to Art Fairs, just beginning in August of 2010 - so I am learning about the shows - which ones to do and which ones not to.  Thanks for sharing the information!



Thanks Alison!
Yikes!  I am so sorry that happened to you.  We did a show in Michigan in May that had to be closed down on Sunday, a half hour after it opened  because of severe weather.  Bill Kinney is the new promoter, haven't heard much of him.
P.S. At least Mr. Kinney checked the weather and closed down the show -- that says at least one good thing about him!
Mr. Kinney was not the promoter for that show - it was "The Guild".  Thank God they shut it down.
Oh, I see -- you did say he's the new promoter.  Gotcha -- missed that at first.  Is The Guild the one that puts out the Artful Home catalogue?  And was your overall experience with The Guild good?
The Guild is the former Michigan Guild, not to be confused with the Artful Home folks. Two separate organizations.
Thanks, Jim.
Sheru, Paragon and Bill Kinney are one and the same. When you speak of LBI, I do not think you were at a Paragon/Bill Kinney show. Maybe your experience in 2008 was with another promoter, but in your post you referred to it as "their" show (Paragon)

Forgive me if I'm wrong.  The promoters' last name was Boroff and the show was also on Long Beach Island around the same time of year.  I stand corrected!  So please ignore my prior post, Julia, it sounds like this was a different promoter!


And if fact: my apoligies.   I just looked it up and it was indeed Renaissance Craftables, not Paragon.  I don't think I can delete what I said previously, but I now see my mistake.  Thanks for the correction, Leo!  I will not make this mistake again.


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