Hi everyone,  I am getting closer to making a purchase of ProPanels.  In my current situation I will be able to haul the full (7' x 38.5") panels, but thought I should consider the knock downs in case my vehicle situation changes in the future.   I would love to hear people's opinions of knock downs  For example, does heavier work make them less secure?  How stable is the joint?  Any comments are helpful, TYIA! 

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  • i bought some this summer and they are a life saver - i can set up and take down and load by myself if i have to. That being said, the whole business is A LOT OF WORK

    • Thank you!  I have been showing (using gridwalls up to this point) since right before Covid and just love it.  I agree, it is a hard hard labor of love lol

  • All your comments affirmed my feelings abound the KDs. Full disclosure, I couldn't contain myself and I bought them shortly after posting my question. In any event (pun not intended), I just don't see myself investing in a large enough vehicle to haul the full size :-( and I don't fancy renting a uhaul every time I go to a fair. Thanks so much everyone!!

  • Definitely get the knock downs. I had the full panels for many years but when my van broke down the night before a show I didn't have access to another vehicle that was big enough to transport them. I lost a lot of money by missing that show. So, I immediately sold my panels and now have the knock downs. I keep them connected and use strips of velcro to hold the tops and bottoms together when I have my parents large van (faster set up and breakdown if they are already together.) But knowing I have the option of transporting them in a smaller vehicle is everything!

    • Oh wow, sorry your vehicle failed--ugh NIGHTMARE--but good point point about not wanting to be stuck without other options of getting your panels to the show.  I love your idea about hitching the halves together when you do have a large van to transport,  great idea. Thank you!!

  • We purchased the knock downs because we did not have a vehicle large enough for the full size panels. We really like them. it does take a little longer to set up at the shows just because you have to attach the tops to the bottoms, but with the accessories you get from Pro Panels, (small black posts and rubber connectors) it's really easy. Once everything is in place they are very stable. Lately we have been using one completed panel as a "stand alone" panel in our booth so we can have a two sided viewing panel. At first it was a little bendy in the middle but we solved that by using two of the metal "stiffener" braces that typically attach at the seams at the top of the panels over the middle seams. Works great!!   I would reccommend the adjustable telescoping legs too!

    • Great info--I hope to do a couple fairs this year which (unfortunately) are on sloped ground so I ordered the telescoping legs. More expensive but I hope they will reduce the headache of setting up on a slope--at the very least they will help with curbside fairs. Thanks so much for your comments--so helpful!

  • I bought the full size panels because they fit no problem in my vehicle. I now wish I had bought the knockdowns because the full panels are awkward and too heavy for me to carry more than one at a time. While they fit in my vehicle, they are awkward to get in and out and limit how we pack the vehicle. 


    I don't know the answer to whether the joint is stable and how they do with heavier work. I hope you get some helpful responses about that! 

    • Love the clean lines of the full panels but your comment about packing the car is a good one--lots of choices w the KDs. (Hopefully what time you lose packing your car, you might gain back in the quicker set up of the full panels :-)  thank you for helping ! 

  • we have knock downs and it makes transport much easier

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