Looking at shows for the fall and came across this for the Williamsburg show:  

"Please Note: Based on your input, application and standard booth fees have been reduced for 2014."

I don't know if we will apply to this one or not but thought it worth pointing out a show that is paying attention.

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  • Thanks a million, Alison. WOOHOO!

  • I'm always cautious of shows that offer PREMIUM booths on a certain street for an extra fee, and in this case the show asks for $100 more to be on Duke of Gloucester Street. Actually the show refers to the fee as a "Premium for Duke of Gloucester St." rather than saying "Premium Booth on Duke of Gloucester St."

    So would any of you who've been in this show suggest being anywhere other than on DofG St.? Having a space there would be $275 Standard Booth Fee plus the $100 premium. How much did the show cost last year?

    I've not applied for it since that's way out of my way to start my fall season. But we like Virginia and especially Williamsburg and might decide to apply sometime in the future.

    • I always get DoG and a corner, last year that was $450, looks like this year it will be $425 unless they have reduced the price of a corner.  My first year I did not get DoG and had an okay show but all the sales were from one person so it could have been bad.  The other two streets are an easier setup and breakdown and you do have some storage space.  They are up against the curb on either side of the street so you can put some stuff on the sidewalk behind the booth.  DoG is back to back down the center so no storage.

  • It's always been a good show for me, not a great show but a good show.  And there is a hotel close to the show site so I can set up and then get a shower before the show starts.

    • Alison - we did apply for this year.  In case we make the cut, which hotel is close enough for a pre-show shower? TIA

      • Clarion on 351 York Street.  it is about a mile away.

  • Love this show. Good sales and they put on a great party at night. 5AM set up is a bit much but worth it. Got best in show for acrylic last year. The colonial ambiance is epic!
    • Congratulations on the award. The application doesn't provide details about awards. So does a prize winner win anything besides recognition? If so, what's the breakdown of awards?

      • Yes, there was a $$ award in addition to the recognition.  Top notch entrance at this venue for sure.  I liked being on the corner of N. Boundary and Scottland streets.  I found the Duke Of G. street to be too chaotic and it competes with the store fronts that are already there.  As with all these types of shows, a variation of price points will ensure better sales.  I like to offer reproductions starting at $25 and up to $85 and then originals starting from $65 up to $5,000.00

        • The Governor's inn is a short walking distance from the venue.  I left my van and trailer on the upper parking deck at the venue and walked to and from the hotel each day.  As you can imagine, parking at a place this popular is always a challenge!  This made it a no brainer.

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