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If you had your choice as a painter, would you choose either Northern VA in Reston or Springfield Old Capital in Illinois?  I haven't done either before.  Switching up my May shows this year and not sure which to choose from.


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I have never done the Springfield show, but I love Reston. I'm going in May this year and would choose it over almost any other show if I had a schedule conflict. It's very well attended and has a great energy. Fantastic setting and a lively, Saturday evening, outdoor party that is swarming with people.

Depends on where you live, Britt. I'd guess you are closer to Reston. The expenses are higher but I think the payback would also be higher. This is a very sophisticated clientele.

Springfield, although the state capitol, is pretty small town rural -- but much beloved and well attended. We did it for many years. A wonderful committee and good artists, many from the Chicago area, keep the quality high. This show has been around forever and they know how to run it.

I'm from Columbus OH, so its actually a pretty evenly spaced drive either way.

I am not a painter, but I have done the Reston show. After having time to analyze, I believe my work was not right for the area. 

The people who walked by me were young and those that I spoke to lived right there in the condos. 

The show is definitely very nice, well put together, there was a lot of 2d so it may be a good area to sell there; that could be the large draw for painters, maybe?

I could see work selling that fits into a younger, urban, contemporary, modern setting. 

But I am just assuming. No to farm scenes, traditional landscapes, etc. Best wishes for a good show whichever you do.


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