Noob intro, and insurance question

Hi folks!

I'm new here, so a brief introduction: I'm a professional photographer, videographer, general creative type currently living in Tempe, Arizona. Among other things I am currently focused on making photographs using either 19th century methods (tintypes, for example) or 21st century technology (drones).

My website is:

I'm just getting started in the art fair world. Fortunately I have a good friend who has done it for years, and he's helping me out quite a bit. I've also found a wealth of useful information by searching these forums, and I hope to be able to contribute back by providing my thoughts and experiences as I go!

My current issue is about business insurance. (I'm the kind of guy that wants it, regardless of if a particular show requires it.)

I found lots of posts in here where people mention a few names, and this has been my experience so far:

-RLI: seems very popular, and indeed so far seems to have the best price for what I need.

-ACT: also popular, but if I understand them correctly, they will not cover me, as a photographer, because I don't make "at least 80%" of my product by hand. Unless I am misunderstanding things, ACT is not an option for me.

-State Farm: still awaiting a call from an agent (can't readily find an online quote option).

I am interested in bundling drone insurance (both liability and hull (property) which RLI does offer. Otherwise there are standalone drone policies, but they seem to be dramatically more expensive.

In short, it seems like RLI is probably my best option, unless anyone has other suggestions?

If you're in the area, stop by and see me at my next show in Sedona, Arizona, October 8-9, 2022!


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  • Mark,

    Congratulations on following your passion. Regarding your insurance question, the ACT Annual policy does have the 80% handmade condition included, so that might hold you back. There are some other options you can consider. If you do not go to a lot of Art festivals then you can purchase an ACT Event policy for $49.00 which covers you for 1-3 days. I think your best bet as a photographer is our policy designed just for photographers/videographers. It's called Full Frame Insurance and if you purchase that policy it would also provide the coverage you would need at art festivals as an exhibitor.

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  • Had a theft with RLI and they would only pay for materials.  After complaining they only gave me 60%.  Went with State Farm. Covers 100% and your studio, transport, and damages to people or property.  We have them for everything.

    • Good to know, thanks. I tried to contact a local State Farm agent, but didn't get a response before I had to leave town, so I just went with RLI since they actually got in touch. I'll look into State Farm again once things calm down and I get a chance.

    • Same here for State Farm: home, auto, business, shows, but have never had to use it.


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