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I just started down this online art show application process.  I am a mixed media & jewelry artist.  I use the similar materials and techniques in both of these mediums and feel like they make up my body of work.  In the 2 shows that I have applied for (rejected by #1) I had to submit 2 separate applications (and fee $$).  Why should I pay two application fees for one booth?  I understand that they need to jury in whatever I plan on bringing to the show but I am submitting all of it as a body of work to be either accepted or rejected.  It will get expensive fast.   

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  • Yes, it will get expensive fast! Welcome to the art fair world.  Don't think of it as 2 fees for one booth, think of it as one fee for each body of work.  To you it seems like one body of work, but to a jury it does not look cohesive and you are unlikely to get in.  If you jury in with jewelry (tough!) you can probably get away with showing a few pieces of your other work.  If you jury in with the other stuff, you absolutely cannot show jewelry in your booth - totally unfair to jewelers.

    • Thanks Ruth.  I understand your thoughts. 

  • Thanks for the replies.  I initially started creating jewelry and wooden items (table, boxes, altars, ect).  As my jewelry skills improved and expanded I found that I wanted to make larger work so I expanded to wall art and small sculpture using similar materials and techniques.  All of my work has a similar feel and look.  I have done a number of smaller local shows selling all of my items and have received a positive response so I wanted to step it up to bigger shows.  But I can't seem to figure out how to get all of my work juried since it falls in multiple categories.  I can't do a show with only one type of work.  I was wondering if someone else had experienced the same problem.  Maybe I will just apply under mixed media and if I get in bring my other work to show and see what happens.  The show rules seem to be very strict about only selling work you have specifically juried in.

    • Michael,

      I started out doing tumbled travertine coasters, plaques and trivets.  Then over time I started adding other items such a upcycled painted & distressed thrift store finds.  I do mostly things like vases, bottles, bowls, etc.  I am also getting "memory trays" from Hobby Lobby using coupons to reduce cost and altering/distressing them.  And then there are the canvases I alter.  I know what I do does not cross categories nearly as much as your art.  However, if I can apply for mixed media that is what I do.

  • Hi Michael,

    First of all, welcome!  Secondly, perhaps applying under both mixed media and jewelry is confusing the app. process.  Do you use "mixed media" in the making of your jewelry or is it a separate art?  Maybe you just need to clarify, or as Mitch suggests, pick one or the other.  In any event, we're happy to have you here and wish you the best of luck as you proceed.

  • Are creating 2 different types of work? Mixed media paintings for example? I recommend applying in only the medium that you favor the most. 

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