Hi folks, advice please. I am a fine art photographer just getting into shows this year and am starting out behind. I'm worried about missing deadlines already.  

I have a canopy and propanels, but am waiting for 1/2 my final gallery wraps and metal pieces rom my printer, but they are running a couple weeks behind.

Would it be better to miss some deadlines and try to get into a shows late with a consistent body of work, or apply now with about 1/2 what I am planning on showing, and filling space with non-representative work? 

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  • Thanks everybody. I think I will take Larry's suggestion. Thanks Larry.

  • I think your chances are better if you apply with a partially completed display instead of waiting. Just spread out what you have 

  • Although a few shows I know of allow late applications with a late fee, for most shows, I am aware of applying late is not an option. I would talk to Larry about your booth shot. 

  • Why can't you hang the booth with all the correct size pictures and photograph it. Then drop in the correct images on top of the existing pieces in the booth in Photoshop.

    Larry Berman

    • Larry Berman- I came upon this thread with a similar problem. I have been able to sell metal art and jewelry together in smaller local shows, so my booth shot reflects that. I only took a very poor picture at that, with prints of my work kind of crooked. I would not show this picture to anyone! I am just posting it so you get an idea of how I display both. I fixed things after taking the below picture but now would like to apply with 100% metal etchings, reproduction prints and mono prints. I only have enough to fill one wall currently, as I was intending to cut down some more metal this winter for spring shows. In my situation, would it be best to continue to apply in both categories; metal art and jewelry? Or apply with a half empty shot of art and do a modified/ photoshopped version of all art that is uploaded after the work is done and after applying?

      Thank you for your assistance!

      Kelly Hall


      • A uniform presentation of each piece hanging in your booth and spread them apart. You may be able to get a second wall or at least one and a half walls. You should arrange them in two rows keeping them away from the ground. Applying in jewelry is sketchy because it's the most applied in category. You would probably be better off with a booth picture without jewelry (and without sign with your name). And if you want to sell jewelry, submit two applications, one in each category.

        Larry Berman

        • Thank you Larry for taking a moment! I shall stand up the tent in my driveway and get a much better presentation with your recommendations. Hoping to make the two separate product lines work, even if it means not showing one or the other and only doing jewelry locally. 

          Thanks again!

          Kelly Hall

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