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Good morning community! 

I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Matt Estrada, an artist living in Tennessee. I've been doing art festivals for about 18 months, mostly in the Nashville/Atlanta area. I've not ventured further because I still have my day job as a FedEx courier. However, all that is about to change this summer as I'm going to leave the job I've held for 30 years. Nervous? You bet, but I'm ready for a change!

I create modern & mid-century styles birdhomes. Definitely not country craft! I feel that I have a unique enough product to sell well enough to survive. Sales have been great at the shows I attend but I definitely sell better at urban shows as opposed to small town shows. Here are some pics of my work. 

I'm looking forward to being an active part of the community and and receiving insight from my fellow artists! 


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  • I really love your birdhouses. I do think you might do well here in the Midwest(I'm in Minneapolis), mid-century modern is pretty popular. I hope I get to see you at an art fair soon, I would definately buy a birdhouse!

    I also hope to leave my day job sometime in the next year, scary! Good luck to you.


    • Thanks Jenny. I'm hoping to get into Minnesota next year. I have some friends that live in Minneapolis. Any suggestions on shows for  MSP?


      • Edina is probably the best one. It's big, and in an affluent area and people come looking to buy.

        Stone Arch might be good for you too, I don't really care for it, too much of an event, other stuff going on, but some peopl do great there.

        And then the other big one is Uptown Or Powderhorn or Loring which all take place on the same weekend in Minneapolis. Why? who knows but they are all decent. Uptown is the biggest and most prestigious, more upscale clientele. Powderhorn is a little bit more of a hippie vibe and Loring is the newest, right on the edge of downtown. I havent been to that one in a long time so I'm not sure, but people say it's okay.

    • Thanks Jenny!
  • Welcome Matt.  The birdhomes are very cool.

    • Thanks Bill!

  • Welcome from a current FedEx employee!  I really like the bird houses.

    • Thanks Alison! The company seems to have gone in a different direction from their PSP philosophy I just think the timing is right for me. 

      • I've got a pretty sweet setup.  I work from home in Virginia for the Orlando office so I'm hoping to hang in until I can collect Social Security (four more years).  I do agree that the more Fred Smith gets out of the day-to-day operations the more the direction is changing.

  • Nice twist on the bird houses, I like them & think you will do well. Congrats on the career move, so many people struggle to take the leap of faith. This is just my opinion.....but I personally feel if something is your dream & you put all of your heart & soul can't fail. So many people don't follow their dreams & the ones that do get rewarded in so many ways. It may sound strange to most but this weird lifestyle is my dream. I never knew what true happiness was before. Follow your heart & you can't go wrong.
    Good luck & welcome aboard,
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