Hi everyone,

I have managed to put together something quickly to do my first art and craft fair. I borrowed a tent, which wasn't all white, but with this event, it didn't matter. I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars before knowing if my work is even worth it. I did get a lot of conversations about my work at the local festival, but discovered this event was more for small crafts, Christmas, wood signs, country fair. I believe my first purchase should be a proper white tent. Where can I find a used one in Central Florida?

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  • if you are looking to buy black mesh panels I have 3 that I am selling, barely used and in perfect condition. I have the receipt bought for 700 but willing to sell for 500 if you are interested . Miami/Orlando area

    • I don't have a tent yet to attach black mesh and will black mesh hold large canvas paintings? You have Miami/Orlando area which are pretty far apart. Where are you located? Let me look up what mesh looks like and I will get back to you. Thank you

      • Canvas should be fine! I use wood panels which is heavier than canvas and it worked great!

        Now if they have super ornamental heavy frames then maybe not

        I'm in Miami but I'm traveling to Orlando soon so figured i could meet up with whomever at either spot

        Mesh is the way to go for anyone who isn't getting panels and also likes the extra ventilation. 

        • When I get a tent I will let you know. Not sure how many I will need. I understand you can move onto the next person to sell to if i am not ready. Thank you

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