Good morning all,

I was accepted into the Neptune Festival in September as an awards-eligible exhibitor, but as this is my first art show, I am a little overwhelmed as to what to expect in terms of inventory needed on hand. I see that the awards-eligibility restricts my numbered prints to 250 per, not that it should be an issue!

What I am looking at in particular is if it's better to take more unique photos and a lesser quantity of papers for each, or, do I do the opposite and take less unique photos and more papers of each? And with that in mind, anyone who has done this festival or one of similar scope in the past, what was your weekend sales like? I intend to do 8x10; 11x14; 12x18 paper prints plus metals and acrylics of different images.

If you have any other tips, please feel free to throw them out there, too! I'd appreciate any insight provided.

Thanks so much, everybody!

Jeremy Gibson

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