Hi there -

My husband & I have been renting our ProPanels for the last couple of years, but I'd like to look into owning some, to help save some money.  We can't yet afford brand new ones, so I'm hoping to find some used ones for sale.

Does anyone here have any ProPanels for a 10x10 tent that you're selling?  We live in the SF Bay area of California, so we wouldn't be able to buy any from out of state, but would be willing to drive a couple hours, if necessary.

Thanks in advance,

Alyx & Craig

MAS Artwork

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  • Can I ask you where you rent from?

  • Hi Alyx,

     I am selling my booth. I built my walls like ProPanels. Here are some pics. I'm selling the booth for $700, the EZ Up tent with walls for $160, a director's chair for $45, and folding print display for $30. I'm based in LA. Let me know if your interested.

    Booth shot.jpg

    New booth shot.jpg

  • Hi Alyx,

    I am new to art shows and very interested in renting Pro Panels for my first show. Where in CA did you rent from? I am in So Cal but could drive to a location if necessary?

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