Hi I am planning my first outdoor show. I have only been doing this for a year now and all my shows have been indoors and drivable. This is the Peroia IL, and I will be flying. I can pack all my goods and rod and strap hanging system in one suitcase. I make felted garments and accessories so there is no problem with damage. I was hoping for some advice on what kind of tent, lights and floor I could get and bring with me on the plan, in as few bags as possible. Thank  you all for any advice. There is so much stuff out there that I am getting confused and paralyzed.

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  • Call the companies thay make the canopies ( I have the Showoff and love it) and ask for the size of a folded canopy etc. Maybe they  have rentals.  Or ship your canopy ahead of time to your hotel.
  • Do you have any arty friends in that neighborhood who want to buy a tent? Offer them whatever you would be paying for a rental toward the purchase of a decent tent. You get a tent for the weekend and they get a tent for a discount. Everyone wins.

    Alternatively, find a place that sells tents and whatnot in Peoria, buy or reserve what you require, and presell your rig on Craigslist. Buyer must collect at show closing. I read about a lady who does this at conventions: she mail-orders bookshelves, has them delivered to the venue and the buyer picks them up at the end of the show. Brilliant.

    A decent tent and full lighting rig weighs 80-100 pounds. Typical EZ Up measures about 4'x1'x1' folded up and then you need your lights and extension cords, etc. You couldn't pay me enough to wrestle that mess through an airport.
    • Thank you really good advise. I like the idea of delivery and then sell. I got some time so will look into doing that.
  • See if the show can recommend a tent rental company. The only problem with rental tents is that they don't let any light in. I'm trying to get artists to rent their display equipment if they don't use it much. I'm renting my Pro Panels for the second time this year at Three Rivers.

    Larry Berman
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