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I know it is a bit early but I wanted to get this discussion started before I have to decide. I have functional and decorative pottery with a price range of 24-650 with most price points being around 75-95. I have done the Las Olas shows in the past both one, and two but I have decided to apply to the Naples New Year show. I was hoping for comparisons between the two. Pros and Cons. I am aware that acceptance for Naples is not until Oct 15th but any info now would be great Thanks!

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Note.... both of the shows actually fall on Jan-7-8 so not actually New years Day.
You could confuse yourself more and add Beaux Arts in Coral Gables to the mix since it is that weekend also.  The quality at this show has really improved the last two years.
BTW Geri, stop in and see us at Las Olas in October I have to put a face to a name!!!

I'll do that.  I have a friend who asked me to help him decorate his new condo and I told him he and I were going to LO in October.

Beaux Arts had a new layout last year and it was very confusing compared to how it used to be.  

It is always something, the art has improved but the layout got worse.  They need to go back to 2003-2005 when both were right!

See you next month,

I did Naples New years last year and did not do terribly well.  But others around me did, not super well but better than I did.  I have photography with price points from $35 to $250.  It is a nice setup, everyone gets a corner and it was well attended.  Last year the show fell on New Years day which could have impacted the show as well.  I've never done the other two so I have no comparison to offer.
I went to Beaux Arts for the first time last year and I was put in a parking lot and was not to happy with the results. Actually Miami in general does not seem to be my market and I have done quite a few shows around the area. Never the "Grove" though.
I am looking for feedback on that show as well. It seems to me I heard some positive things about it last year and that's why I took note of it and applied. Its earlier than I normally head south but last year I felt that by mid March the crowds were sort of "over" the Art Fair scene..
I decided to go with Naples. I will be doing Las Olas fall edition next week and in March so I guess it was a no brainer. I would still love any info on Naples though.
I will see u there!


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