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This is an actual show pic from this past weekend and represents my usual set up.  I had no way of ironing tablecloths.  Please advise, but be as gentle as you can. It's been a rough morning already.

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I think it looks great, I didn’t really notice that the tablecloths needed ironing until you pointed it out. I do hope you have some way of letting your customers test the pens so they can see how well they write.

I do like all the wood and continuity of the look and feel. 

Yes, but I didn't put the pads out until after the photo.  Thanks for the feedback!

Hey Joel,

Is this a photo you are planning to use for jurying?

Probably so, it's the only one I have that shows my current setup.  What do you see wrong?

My first impression was it is in need of more light in the center because it looks too dark.

The camera angle gives the appearance of the table being uneven although it is straight. These things can most likely be corrected with a photoshop program.

Most Juries do not want photos that have identifying signs as to who the artist is and you have two very visible signs.

The contrast between the pulled back curtains and the white walls is sort of distracting for a photo and being able to see the tent trusses through them looks distracting.

A good booth photo is difficult to accomplish. I have never had one of my booth that I am completely  satisfied with and always see little things that I need to do different on my next photo.

I have had a lot of great advice and help from Larry Berman. He can do magic to improve any photo

The layout looks pretty good. The wrinkles can be fixed, the identifying parts need to be removed. I spent about 5-10 minutes on this just to see what could be done, and I normally don't do this sort of thing. As far as the wrinkles go, there are spray on solutions, Downy I think, that will take the wrinkles out without ironing, but in the meantime the heal brush in PS does a reasonable substitute. As Greg mentioned, Larry Berman does this sort of thing all the time. The copy below is just a proof-of-concept to show what can be done. Larry's skills on this are way beyond my patience level

BTW, I was next to you last weekend :-)

Ha, yes you were!  Nice to put a forum name to the face!

Hello Joel,

Connie just emailed me and let me know that I am the lucky winner of your donated stylus pen through the Pledge drive. I will email you my address.


Greg Little

Congrats!  Let me know what flavor bourbon barrel I should use and I'll get one out to you.

Thanks Joel...!

I sent you an email with my mailing address

As far as the past reviews on your booth, yes, if it is for jurying, your name must be down as you did I see. Also, I LIKE the pulled-back curtains! My eyes went straight for what you have on the tables, which is where you want people to look! Possibly the only thing I would ad if you have enough room, is a picture of your work on the white section of your wall. You can always bring a small steamer to get those wrinkles out of your tablecloth~they work great at the last minute.Love the color as well for what you is refreshing to see from the same old same old. Very nice!!!


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