My booth is just about ready!

Here is a shot of my 10'x10' booth I have been assembling. I built the panels myself using plans from e-Bay. The panels are interchangeable with MD parts. I am using MD pieces to join the half panels together, as well as the lighting setup. Lighting is from 4 LED PAR38 floods (they are not on in the shot). I made the weights from 3" PVC. They are 5' long, and weigh in at 40 lbs. each. I decided to carpet the front ones to match the panels & furniture. Please excuse the hideous concrete (I need to powerwash my patio now that the weather is breaking) :-)

The other furniture pieces are also from MD.

The canopy is an EZ Up Eclipse II. I sprayed a gallon of Starbrite waterproofing on the top to waterproof it. I haven't tested it with water yet, but it should stay pretty dry.

Eventually, I will add panels down the sides, but this will be good enough to get me through a few shows this year.

Comments appreciated!


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  • Got some shots of my display and stuff on a new page at
    Like my page, offer suggestions, and be a fan. I will be eternally grateful.
  • Your weights look like columns. Great idea. I too have been busy building profection grey pro panels. My canvas frames are red oak which would make a good column. Will post a shot when booth is finished. HD has green indoor / outdoor carpet that would make a nice floor that bare foot people would love. Nice display!
    • I look forward to seeing your results! I have a rug now, but don't have any pics with it in place. It's 2 tone gray checkered. Works nice with the walls.

  • I have recently bought Ernie's plans as well, and an working on getting the materials together to do a test panel.  I was wondering, did you build the desks and bins as well?  Those plans aren't part of the walls package, are they available somewhere else?

    • no, I bought them from Pro Panels. They match very nicely.

      • That's what I was afraid of... they matched the walls so well I thought you might have made them.

  • Here is a night pic. I wanted to see how my lighting was going to look (I have at least one show that runs to 10pm this year, and will need the light).


    • Thanks Jim,

      They look great. I may try my hand at it. I have felt like a barrier for getting into better shows is my lack of good walls (at least I tell myself that is the reason ; ). Budget has kept me from buying pro panels so this may be just the ticket.

      Have a great day.

  • Here is a closer view of one of the weights, for those interested...


    • We put handles on ours to make them easier to carry. 
      I see you have StaBars, why not lay the weights down and attach them to the StaBars? 

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