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is anyone doing craftsmorristown in march, seems like it costs $125.00 to register to sell craft and collect sales tax....even if you do only one show a year???  i dont understand the it in case you dont pay the sales tax??

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Denice, does the state of NJ charge you to register yourself as a business and assign you a tax number?
yes, you file as a business, but i believe you give them your EIN(employee identification number). it seems, artrider could post this info on their website, of course it may turn exhibitors away, but im wondering if all NJ shows enforce a business permit in every booth, ..maybe its different because its an indoor show?

Denice, I was curious about this mainly because I have an annual NJ sales tax license, which had no application fee.  Although I'm nominally based in FL, I do several shows a year in NJ--one indoor, one outdoor, in 2010--and both shows required me to have a NJ sales tax license. 


I read the application for this show here:  If you click the "Information for Exhibitors" link it brings up a PDF document:!ArtriderApplication2011-SSF-PaperApp_v2.pdf


I see no mention anywhere in that document of a $150 fee for any purpose.  Is this the application that you filled out? 



In Illinois, there is no fee to register a business and get a tax license. In fact, the dept. of revenue people come around to shows to check to see that artists have them! I don't know that shows individually can force people to have them, but we do say that artists are responsible for collecting and paying the local 8.25% tax. You may want to call the NJ Dept of Revenue to clarify.


this is from the Nj state website which artrider directed me to. 



Step 1 applies to all New Jersey (domestic) and out-of-state (foreign) corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships. You must file an original formation/authorization certificate with the State of New Jersey. The filing process can be completed online. All profit businesses (domestic and foreign) and foreign non-profits must pay a filing fee of $125.

here is site

PERFECT...thanks for sending this.Your initial post didn't make it clear what the source of the $125.00 fee was.  I assumed from the context that it was the show itself.


So: Whether or not you owe this fee depends on whether you and your business are organized as one of the business entitites listed in the first sentence above, or if you are organized as a sole proprietor.  I am a sole proprietor, and therefore there was no charge for the license.

You should read the state website carefully to make sure you're clear about whether the fee applies to you.  If you are not, Barbara's advice is right on the money: check with your accountant or call the Dept of Taxation.

Geoff, I neglected to mention that my info is for sole proprietorships, as well.

Interesting that as I was reading this thread, I opened today's mail, with a letter stating that I was delinquent with my sales tax payment for December 2010. I have confirmation that I sent an online payment on time and with a discount! I faxed them the info and it should take care of it, but just be careful filling everything out just exactly as they say, or "things" can happen!

Good luck, Denice.

the Nj sales tax div doesnot answer b/c they r too busy, when i began filling out the form there was a problem right away. the question has a pull down menu which doesnot include sole-prop. so how do i get the sales certificate...this is the form I think i am supposed to fill out.....confused in Chattanooga


SPs aren't listed in that pull-down menu because they're discussed in a separate section.  Don't give up on the phone number.  Keep calling.  If you find it difficult or confusing to "back up" to the beginning of the website and find the sole proprietor section, you'll need their help to find it.  (I agree it can be a bit daunting to read through their site, but the information IS in there.)


For more general business help, I highly recommend you look for SCORE (I think it stands for Service Center of Retired Executives).  These are people who will work with small businesses for little or no money.  You may also find accounting classes for small business owners in your local community college or other community organization.  For those, you can check online or in your local newspaper, in the business section. (Most newspapers run listings of meetings and resources on Mondays.)


You can learn about SCORE, and find a local unit, here:


Whatever you do, don't give up until you have the help you need.  It will only cause you difficulties down the line.  Good luck!

i did it..followed your advice went back to main page of website and found the sole-prop icon...thanks alot, i was feeling like the village idiot for a while there. off to the studio to make work.

Denice, how is your business set up? Yes corporations evidently must pay, but we sole proprietors do not. And yes, you must have a sales tax cert in order to do any shows in New Jersey. Even if it's one show.

Connecticut is different though. Everybody who registers for a tax cert pays $100.

Many states are on the brink of bankruptcy today and they are looking at "creative" ways to raise cash. So evil businesses (yes, we are included in this) are the targets. 

i am not set up as a corp. its not unusual to pay sales tax ie, at new orleans jazz fest they come to your booth to collect and TACA nashville they set up a tax tent. but ive never had to pay  a fee.

below see #6..this is what artrider sent to exhibitors.



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