After years of using a trusty Honda Odyssey mini van to do art shows, I'm finding that I need more space to transport my new display panels and lights. I don't need a ton more room, so the thought of a full blown cargo van is intimidating. But I can't figure out how to shoe horn any more items into my mini van and I'm starting to look at cargo vans.

I'm interested in a few different options:

1. Dodge Ram ProMaster

2. Nissan NV 2500

3. Ford Transit Medium (not available until later this year)

If any of you have one of these vehicles, such as the existing Ford Transit Connect, I'd love to hear your thoughts about 1) mileage and 2) reliability.

Thank you for your help,


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  • I have a Nissan, too, and I just love it. It holds a ton of stuff, it's a comfortable ride, I get about 17-18 mpg, and I have a V8 with enough power to get me up mountains and around giant trucks. I'd recommend it to anyone. A friend fitted it with platforms in the back, and I am still refining my storage system, but I'm on an eight-week painting and show trip, and have been able to store everything, hang wet paintings, and set up a cot to sleep in the van. I got mine new, floor model, for $12,000 with a trade-in of an old Jeep Wrangler. It was the end of the month and I was the vehicle that would push them over the top to get a big dealer-wide bonus. Look for that same opportunity! 

  • NV owner here. We've had it for 2 years and are very happy. The mileage isn't great compared to a diesel Sprinter but it costs half as much. Unless they've changed it, the built-in NAV/GPS is terrible. You are locked out from making route changes if you are moving. I can see the safety element but what if you have a passenger? And, unless they've changed it, you have to get the NAV system if you want the backup camera (which you definitely do).
  • You are looking at 3 different vehicles.

    The Nissan is different because the engine compartment is forward and the interior is more "normal" instead of the engine between the seats. I happen to like Nissans because I had a Nissan pickup that went 314,000 miles before I traded it in.

    The Ram is a Fiat with a Ram nose. But they have been in service for a number of years so the kinks have been worked out. The good thing about this truck is a diesel option. Diesels last forever. And this engine delivers most of it's power at low RPMs so it doesn't constantly downshift. They also get great mileage.

    The Ford is another truck that has been in service in Europe for decades. It's not out yet so nobody knows much about it yet.

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