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I am retiring from the art show circuit and my display trailer is for sale. This display trailer was made specifically for outdoor art/craft shows and can also be used in farmers markets.

The display trailer is a tandem trailer that opens from the front, the tongue folds sideways and the steps fold down to provide easy access.

The trailer is 7ft wide, 8ft long and 11ft high. When open it fits in a 10ftX10ft space and the wheels cannot be seen from the front. 

The display trailer has 2 marine batteries connected to a solar panel and the possibility to be connected directly to event provided power. This powers 12 LED lamps, and 2 ceiling fans. There are 6 windows on the ceiling two of them with fans, and 3 long and narrow windows on the top part of the walls, this setup keeps the trailer cool.

The walls are covered with carpet. There is an awning on each side of the trailer.

 The net display area available inside is:

                           Height         Width

Back Wall             62 In    X    75 In

Side walls (X2)     68 In    X    88 In

Doors (X2)           88 In    X    34 In

The two awnings outside are 7 Ft X 30 In each

The mobile booth was built in 2016 and the price tag was $9000.


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Although I think your trailer is a great idea. Convenient and well thought out. The math does not work.

Comparing it to my Trimline with my mesh walls. I would lose approximately 39 Square Foot display area. I have added all areas you list. I have not accounted for any outside walls for my setup, yet I have included your door walls. This is assuming a wall height of 8' which I have with my Trimline. I assume yours would be about the same. I would be giving up approx. 1/5 of my display area.  I did not deduct for your windows which would greatly reduce your display space. 

If I were to add in the outside walls I am often able to display on, your setup would lose a lot more.

Unfortunately, as nice and pleasing an easy setup yours would give, we need as much real estate to display on as possible, at the shows.  I would seek a design whereas less space is lost.

If I have made a math mistake, please advise.

Hi Larry,I do appreciate that you took the time to respond and do all the math but you appear tohave missed all the important points.
1. That trailer is a gallery. The aesthetics inherent, the fixed lights (solar), the windows (lowers inside temperature) and the rest of the attributes have increased my sales significantly.
2. You probably know that outside shows are prone to bad weather. In what kind of setup would an average street artist, that cares about his art inventory, be: a trimline with all the weights in the world or my trailer? Which would be more protective of falling branches, flying eazyups, strong winds, rain and flooding? Did you ever setup or breakdown in rain?
3. I have been doing this business for a lot of years. There are basically two ways to display your art:
“Cover every inch”
“Gallery display”
I have chosen “gallery display” it suits the kind of work I do saleswise, so loosing 1/5 of display area compared to your trimline (if that is actually true) is not significant.
4. My setup and break down are 15 minutes each without carrying stuff around (no hard work). Have you seen how artists setting up or tearing down look? How exhausting the work is? How much art is damaged?
5. Not all artists are in their thirties, you know? Sometimes the arthritis quicks in.

I could go on and on but I have only so much time I can allot to this.
I’m sure any reader that has experience in outside shows has a clear picture of all the advantages.

For the benefit of all readers I will state unnecessarily the real disadvantages of my setup:
1 . It is a TRAILER, and you are driving a TRAILER with all the inconvenience involved in driving a TRAILER.
2. It can’t be used in some locations (for those I have a regular booth).

So maybe this kind of setup doesn’t suit you but…..

I understand and agree this is a very nice setup.

That is why I have been considering it. I have been actively looking into doing something on this idea. That is why I posted the comments, hoping you might contribute good information.

I am well experienced at doing the outdoor shows (my primary venue). Using my trimline, too often in the rain. I am not a 30 something, I'm an old coot :-)

My very accurate measurements, I used, were derived from actual measurements of only the available display areas on my Flourish mesh walls after setup. Not the total height and width. 

I do question if, in your measurements, you deducted display area for the windows spaces? Are they added in or deducted? 

 My current design is "Gallery". I also have curated at galleries. I understand good spacing and use such. Other artists have commented how they love my display and lighting. 

I love the extra protection and ease of setup, your system might afford. 

Your setup time is FANTASTIC! I'd love that. It takes me about 5 1/2 hours to do a complete setup, currently.

Also, as we are both 2D artists, I use print bins to display more of my work. these I place within my booth. I have three ProPanel 44" bins. With your total interior width being 75" that would only leave,  15" walk room on either side. You would not place the bin against a wall as that would lose the wall display area. Currently I have 36" walk way on either side. 

So I'm not trying to condemn your system. I'm seeking solutions for the setup. display area is extremely important. Nothing sells if it is not seen. customers come to the show to see, touch and get ideas of physical space and size. If the display environment is too small, it might be detrimental to better sales.

I also have popup type tents as well as a setup for my trimline that is only a 7' not the 8' height. I do the extra work for the 8', in many shows due to the increased appeal of the extra display area.

Therefore, in summation. I would like a system like yours that addresses theses issues.

Openly discussing this helps all of us.



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