Have to choose between Midwest Salute for the Arts and My home town show   where I have no expenses. Speed is sometimes good, (especially when you consider $700 less in expenses), but then sometimes it's not good. The ceiling isn't as High as some shows.  I don't know anything about Midwest Salute.   I have contemporary landscapes and my low end is $375.



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  • Derek we do have one review at www.Artshowreviews.com of the Midwest Salute to the Arts. 


    Check it out and please leave a review or two of your own for a few shows you have done.  You see how important it is to find a few reviews for shows you are interested in.  We appreciate the help and a review only takes a few minutes.

  • Thanks! My average sale is 800, so I don't need a large crowd,just a crowd with money.
    Yes I was seeing the show say. 40000 people attending. Then I saw 2 artist say under 10000. Quite a difference
  • Midwest Salute is usually very hot and very poorly attended.

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