• Hi Lisa! I am in Asheville, NC and I have a set I was planning to rent. They are dark gray- I have 7- 38" and 2- 30" panels and the tall extensions (and extra tall canopy if you wanted that too). I also have a nice propanel desk I would include. I am not sure if it is on your way on the drive from PA to FL but if it is lmk and we can figure out a $$!:) Amanda 

    I can send photos of my set up if you are interested.. 

    • Hi Amanda!  Thank you for responding to my post.  We, are however, already in Florida.  I managed to pack most of my knock down pro panels into our vehicle for the trip, and we brought along an EZ Up tent as well.  It's not ideal, but will do for this trip anyway. 

      Thanks again!



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