• i have a black one but I am in Tampa


    • Hi Neal- Do you still have a black print bin for sale?

      I live a couple of hours south of you.  




      • yes i do


  • Hi, I have the grey 44" bin. I bought two, but only need one. It uses the Cotter pins. Photos attached. I am in Hopewell Jct. NY and have more photos I can send 845-227-3775


  • Hello:  I have a 30" size "Oatmeal" colored print bin that I can sell. 12213087272?profile=RESIZE_930x I've had it for about 8 yrs but have never used, as I don't do photography or painting prints.  I'm in AZ.  Propanels is selling their 30" at $230, I can sell mine at $125 + Shipping.  If this works for you, let me know.  Nadine Booth

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